Diving in Thailand

Thailand doesn’t spare any expense on adverting its beauty and water sports vacations for the whole family. They want the world to know that they offer package tours to picturesque places along 3,000 kilometers of gorgeous coastline. As paradise on earth, it attracts legions during the season. You don’t have to be an expert at diving, for example, just a willing adventurer.

Seasoned divers who have been all over the globe don’t miss out on this southeastern Asian destination venue. Accompanying family and friends have their pick of surfing, water skiing, kite boarding, Jet skis, and more in the bays along Puket’s and Kalim’s Kata beaches. Beginners like to go to Karon and Kata Yai, while seasoned travelers opt for Pattaya and Ko Sumai. Speaking with tourists will help you identify your favored spots in no time, and there are plenty to go around!

While everyone gravitates to their image of the ideal water sport, divers are a different breed. If this is you, the Similan and Surin Islands are awaiting your arrival. The best scuba safaris take place in this water wonderland. You can take four and five day junkets by boat that include expert guides and all the food you can eat. This seems to be the safest road to recreation for tourists who don’t know the land well. High quality dive masks and scuba fins are also available if you don’t have your own, and the boats usually supply all the oxygen you need for your dives.

Divers, locals and those from abroad, take the enterprise seriously in Thailand. They want to cruise uninhabited tropical islands scattered with pristine white sandy beaches. They want to see the stunning aquamarine blues and ocean greens below the depths. The corals are bustling with marine life and the avid might catch sight of some manta rays and white sharks.

Have you heard talk of Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Mae Head Beach and other places on the Gulf of Thailand? The country is a rich treasure trove for diving. The resorts are scenic and strategically located. I can’t single out just one or two. You can take a dart, hit anyone, and be content with the lodgings and views. Nightlife is included along with every spa mode of relaxation in existence.

People in the know choose Thailand as it doesn’t take much convincing. There is the Andaman Sea on the southeast coast with many charming seaside towns and Naithon beach. After diving, there is much to explore and enjoy about the local culture. Your resort can be quaint or luxurious per your taste. Every experience will be cherished and remembered. Instagram pix opportunities are without parallel.

As mentioned, diving activity is seasonal and some regions are closed in the summer or during the winter rainy season. If the Andaman Sea is to be your playground, you will want to go in November to April. However, some boat tours offer day trips year round in Phuket and Phi. If you want the best weather, stick to the high season. December to March, and July and August mark prime time for the Gulf.

A diving vacation in Thailand is a must for any bucket list with ample options for your specific needs. If you make your next trip to this exotic getaway, you will be a recurrent visitor year after year.