Thai Power

Thailand is like any country in the world. In most places, they have electricity. It is never an issue in urban centers like Bangkok and most resort areas unless you really go off the beaten track. Tourists seldom encounter even outages and the lack of utilities never crosses their minds. I have heard rumors to the effect that you need a portable generator if you are one of those insistent travelers who likes adventure. Some people just like to get lost in the wilderness, even if it isn’t a forest, or just the fields. Camping is one of those experiences where no matter where you are, a generator could be your saving grace. The beaches in Thailand are so divine as to prompt many to indulge their fantasies of sleeping on the sand.

Whatever calls you to attention, a generator is not a bad idea, especially if you plan a long stay. The chances of an outage during a big storm increase exponentially every week you are there. Those who live in the region know this for a fact and live prepared. So should you! A simple small portable device is usually fine short-term to run a few kitchen appliances. If you are a real resident with your own home, you may opt for a larger, more expensive unit. There are times when you will really appreciate having a generator about.

Sometimes you are right in the middle of something and for some reason the power source fails. This could happen in Thailand or Texas. If you aren’t familiar with generator, it behooves you to take a look on line at the different models and prices. They can be a hundred to five hundred dollars or more, but they could be worth their weight in gold. People swear by them.

So back to Thailand. There is a rainy season in this tropical and humid climate. Tourists find the best time to visit is November to May in the north when it is dry and April to October on the southern west coast. If you prefer the southern east coast, then opt for September to December. This will keep your generator needs to a minimum. Some people, however, don’t have this much flexibility, so they should be prepared during long stays.

Weather is always an issue for vacationers who should plan accordingly, generator in hand or not. While monsoons typical of the area rear their ugly heads all year round, sometimes they blow cooler, dryer air. In some areas there are only gentle breezes while in others, they can wreak havoc. Thus hot weather does not prevent the need for a generator in the off season. Furthermore, if you want all the facts, there is the risk of flooding from July to October. While it is a bit complicated, just make a chart and pick your days in line with recommendations. You won’t regret some advanced planning.

Thailand is a wonderful country to visit, especially at the optimum time. Have a safe trip and enjoy the wealth of beauty to behold.