Thailand: Northern Mountains and Southern Beaches…the Best of the Best!

Northern Mountains and Southern Beaches

Thailand is composed of the North and the South and if you are planning to visit the country, it is good to know the similarities as well as the differences because there are many…of both.

South Thailand is the most popular for tourist destinations.  You will find some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world there.  The nightlife is a big attraction as well and the rain forests top even the Amazon.

Although Phuket is the most popular beach spot, it is also more expensive and crowded than some more obscure but wonder ones. Trang is definitely worth mentioning for its awesome beach and water activities that are there for the taking.  You can’t lose when beaching in South Thailand.

Bangkok is in the South.  It is a very bustling city known for its shady red light district as well as its shops, temples and lots and lots of people swarming around.  If you are into partying with lots of people, you will enjoy the nightlife in this chaotic town.  It is a legend and a mystery and I wouldn’t suggest missing out on it.

Some people travel to South Thailand just to see the animals.  There are exotic wild animals that can be spotted such as the Asian Elephant, Tigers, Bears, Wild Boar, Gibbon and the Mouse Deer.  It is an animal lover’s paradise for sure.

North Thailand is rich in mountains and jungles too.  There are national parks to be enjoyed and tribes that can be observed as well.  The climate is colder than in the South mostly because of the mountain terrain so if you are looking for cool temperatures and high elevation beauty, North Thailand is for you.

Hikers and backpackers enjoy the rugged mountainous trekking and the chance to not only observe tribes but often times, to join them.  North Thailand offers more in the way of rustic, back-to-nature cultural tours while the South is more for those who prefer the ocean, beaches and warmer temperatures.

Since there are railways that connect the North and the South and other modes of transportation too, it is becoming more and more popular to travel to both the North and the South all in one trip to Thailand.  Those who do are fortunate enough to see the best of the best of both.  A good travel agency can set you up with hotels, transportation and a list of things to see and do, in the North and the South, that’s a mile long.  It’s certainly worth checking into.

It is said that if you like the beach, go South and if you like people, such as to learn about the culture on a personal level, go North.  That is, of course, a matter of opinion.  The main thing is that everyone needs to go to Thailand at least once in their lifetime.  Whether its North or South or even East or West, it is a chance of a lifetime that should not be missed.