Thailand: Things to Do and Places to See, The Experience of a Lifetime

Thailand is a fascinating place to visit with sights to behold that will take your breath away.  It is, understandably, one of the top spots for tourists in Asia and for a great reason.  The country itself worships pleasure and loves to share it with those who will.

One of the “must see” place is Thailand is Bangkok.  It is a bustling city and quite mysterious as well.  Known for its red light district, the town is a mix of chaos and culture.  The Grand Palace is a favorite amount tourists as is the huge Buddha at Wat Po.  There are bazaars, backpacking and the alleys of Chinatown that intrigue many.

If you are not up for such a busy setting, you might enjoy Chiang Mai which is known to be spiritual in nature.  You will find plenty of temples nestled amount the mountains as well as lots of shops, cooking classes and even places where you can get a great massage.  For those into hiking and backpacking, the back roads to Paj is an option.  Or, there are the paths more travelled that can be hiked as well.

It would be a sin to miss the floating market in Thailand.  It can be found in the Damnoen Saduak Canal area in Bangkok and is immensely popular for the ancient feel of days of old in the country when fruits and vegetables were brought in by long boats.  The fruits and vegetables are a legend all their own as they are of some of the best orchards and vineyards in the entire world.

Two islands to the east, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, are fantastic destinations for those who like to backpack or just catch some awesome sun.  The waters are turquoise and the sands are white and if that’s not enough, there are cares, full moon parties and plenty of drink and music to soothe the soul.  Boating and diving are big there too.

On the west coast, the island of Koh Phi Phi is about as good as it gets when it comes to beaches.  Snorkeling, backpacking, and simply watching the second-to-none sunset are top things to do on this popular tiny island.

In the northwest, you will find unadulterated culture at its finest.  Mae Hong Son is not only a destination not to be missed, it is the capital of Thailand too.  You’ve heard the tales of the long neck tribes?  Here you can see them in person along with plenty of gorgeous scenery, lots of temples and shopping as well.

Talk about pleasure, San Kamphaeng is nothing but sheer pleasure with hot springs that run through 40 acres of some of the most beautiful land in the world.  The waters are rich in minerals and are thought by many to bring healing.  You can camp in the park surrounding the hot springs if you are so inclined to.

There are so many intriguing places to see in Thailand, it would practically take a lifetime to see them all.  Be sure to take at least a little time out of your life to see what you can.  You will never, ever regret it and will most likely find it is a life-changing, eye-opening experience.