That’s Not Where We Left It!

I love everything Thai: the culture, the food, and the customs. I go, therefore, as often as I can and when I have to stay home, I read and talk about the divine country. I have many fond memories of trips taken for years back. I remember the times when I explored the countryside alone and found many surprises places to eat, sleep, and be merry. Every trip is an adventure and when I return, my heart begs for more. Not even a bad experience will deter me from going back.

I remember one crazy night when a friend and I were out at night and it was totally dark and we lost our car. Imagine that! It almost sounds absurd. Okay, people lose their cars in the supermarket parking lot or they forget which city street they left it, having found a single lone parking spot. It is easy if you don’t go to the same place repeatedly to forget where you stashed it. It is worse if you are in a foreign country far from home. I have never been one to wander too far afield because of unknown territory, but on this particular night we felt adventurous. We parked and went for a drink and a couple of hours passed. When we were tired and ready to retire to our hotel for the night, we got out our flashlight and began to search. It took almost all night since we were not successful at all. Fortunately, we didn’t have to worry about a dead battery as we had just charged it a few hours before we had left for the evening. Such are the benefits of Flashlight Pro‘s rechargeable flashlights.

Nevertheless, we groped about here and there in the dark in the area where we remembered we had left the car. Because we could see some of our surroundings with the bright flashlight, things began to look familiar. We felt we were close to the right spot. We were getting more optimistic. Finally, I yelled “aha” because I saw something on the ground that had fallen from our car. We were home, but where in fact was the vehicle. We were completely puzzled. However, taking a few steps to the side we discovered our car about 50 fifty feet from the original parking spot. Someone had moved our car to make room for a truck. It was clearly not where we left it. It probably was easy to put it in gear and move it back a few feet, then push it to the side in another empty spot. The truck that replaced our car was still entrenched in its purloined spot. We were too tired to be angry and just wanted to go home. We used the flashlight to open the doors and start up the motor, which fortunately sprung quickly to life. We crashed when we got to our beds and vowed to be more vigilant next time.